“Jitsu Wa Ore Saikyou Deshita” Anime-You Won’t Believe What Happens in Ep 1

The Japanese light novel series Jitsu Wa Ore Saikyou Deshita (which means “I am the strongest” in Japanese) has been gaining popularity worldwide. The series was originally published online in September 2018, and was later published in print by Kodansha in October 2021.

A manga adaptation of the series illustrated by Ai Takahashi began serialization on the Suiybi no Sirius web manga platform on Niconico in April 2019, and nine volumes collecting the series’ chapters have been published to date. In July 2023, an anime television series adaptation of the series produced by Staple Entertainment.

The events of the first episode of the anime will be detailed here, and we have also discussed where you may find it.

jitsu wa ore saikyou deshita anime

Am I Actually The Strongest- Episode 1 Complete Story Explained

Prince Reinhardt was born with a very low magic level. His parents, King Jilq and Queen Gizelotte, were ashamed of him and abandoned him in the woods. However, Reinhardt’s magic level was actually 1002, which is incredibly high. He was also able to use Barrier magic, which was a very rare and powerful ability. Reinhardt used his Barrier magic to fly and fight. He also defeated a Flame Fenrir named Flay, who then became his familiar.

Count Gold Zenfris, King Jilq’s cousin, found Reinhardt and took him in as his son. He named Reinhardt “Haruto” and raised him as a hikikomori. Haruto was content with his new life. He didn’t want to leave his room or interact with anyone. He just wanted to play video games and watch anime. However, Gold and his wife, Natalia, knew that Haruto was different from other people. They could sense his power and they worried that he was a demon.

One day, Charlotte, Haruto’s sister, came to him and told him that she was leaving. She said that she couldn’t stay in the castle anymore because she was afraid of Haruto. He was saddened by Charlotte’s departure, but he understood. He knew that he was different and that he scared people.

After Charlotte left, Haruto started to come out of his shell. He started to interact with people more and he even started to go outside. He also started to train with Gold in swordsmanship. He wanted to become stronger so that he could protect the people he cared about. One day, a group of bandits attacked the castle. Haruto used his Barrier magic to protect the castle and he defeated the bandits with his swordsmanship.

Gold and Natalia were proud of Haruto. They realized that he was not a demon, but a kind and just person. Haruto continued to train and he became one of the strongest warriors in the kingdom. He used his power to protect the innocent and to bring peace to the land. He was no longer a hikikomori. He was the Demon Lord Haruto, a powerful warrior who fought for justice.

jitsu wa ore saikyou deshita

When Compared to Everyone Else, Am I the Strongest? Is well under average. The premiere has certain elements that have the potential to develop into something greater, but it also feels like a greatest hits of many anime tropes. It’s a dull plot that has the potential to achieve something interesting in the future but is such a slog right now that I doubt I’ll be able to stick around for the rest of the season.

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