Spy x Family and Street Fighter 6: The Ultimate Crossover for Fans of Both Series!

A new image has been released announcing a crossover between the Spy x Family and Street Fighter which will occur in the form of an animated TV series and a theatrical film. As we all are aware that the X family is based on the original manga by Tatsuya Endo and was one of the most anticipated new anime releases of 2022 and will be back for a second season in 2023. The news that a new film is also in production came as even more of a shock.

Spy x Family’s first theatrical release, Spy x Family Code: White, is scheduled for release in Japan at the end of the year, and in honor of this momentous occasion, Spy x Family has decided to take on another series that has been sweeping the globe this year.

This new partnership with Street Fighter 6 hints that more information will be revealed at a later date in preparation for the upcoming overseas release of Spy x Family Code: White. The unique poster pitting Yor Forger of Spy x Family vs Chun Li of Street Fighter 6 is available for fans to enjoy right now.

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Spy X Family Street Fighter

The “Spy x Family” crossover features a heated battle between “Yor and Chun-Li”

Chisato Mita, a Capcom illustrator and the visual artist behind Street Fighter 6 has recently decided to made a unique piece of art in honor of the partnership. The commercial image pits the lethal assassin Yor Forger from Spy x Family against Chun-Li, the Chinese martial arts master from SF6.

Bond, Anya Forger, and Loid Forger might be spotted in the stands rooting for their lethal assassin-turned-housewife. Ryu, the main character of Street Fighter, and Li-Fen, Chun-Li’s disciple, can be seen cheering on their friend and fellow world warrior.

The sixth installment of Capcom’s Street Fighter franchise has been a smashing success. The June 6 Street Fighter event marked the milestone of one million SF6 gamers. Captivating possibilities for a crossover between lethal spies and renowned street fighters are infinite thanks to the fascinating characters from both franchises.

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The “Spy X Family and Street Fighter”- A Match Made in Heaven

After a second teaser picture showcasing the Forgers in a more relaxed setting while on vacation, Spy x Family Code: White finally dropped its video. The Forgers go on an “educational” journey as part of Operation Strix in Spy x Family Code: White, which has an original story.

‘Loid takes the kids on a trip after hearing about a contest where the grand prize is Stella Stars, so Anya can sample the dessert and perfect her recipe for the competition. Things never go as planned in the Forger household, especially when Anya eats a crucial piece of chocolate that could decide the fate of the planet.

Spy x Family Code: White will make its debut in Japan. When Season 2 premieres in October of 2023. Fans may pass the time this summer re-watching Season 1 on Crunchyroll and playing Street Fighter 6 on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Windows PC… what do you think?

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