Chainsaw Man Chapter 136: A Glimpse into Normal Life

In the manga series Chainsaw Man, Chapter 136 titled “Normal Life” takes readers on a journey into the everyday experiences of the protagonist, Denji. This chapter, released on July 19, 2023, explores the challenges Denji faces as he tries to navigate the complexities of high school while being the infamous Chainsaw Man. Let’s delve into the key events and themes of this captivating chapter.

The Depressed Denji

As the chapter begins, we find Denji feeling downcast as he arrives at school. His gloomy state is soon interrupted by a fellow student who approaches him at his locker. This self-proclaimed intellectual student notices Denji’s Chainsaw Man t-shirt and proceeds to berate him. The student shares a theory suggesting that Asa Mitaka, another character in the series, is responsible for Denji’s recent heroic acts. He attempts to guilt-trip Denji into reconsidering his support for Asa. Before Denji can respond, another student steps in, threatening both Denji and the intellectual student for insulting Chainsaw Man.

The Depressed Denji

Trouble at School

Amidst the escalating tension, Denji tries to gather his thoughts and respond, but the second student quickly throws a punch at him. The scene shifts to the principal’s office, where Denji faces chastisement from the principal. The principal assumes Denji initiated the fight due to his troubled upbringing as an orphan. As Denji leaves the office, the principal casually mentions that the other student was hospitalized as a result of Denji’s supposed “attack.”

Finding Solace with Yoshida

Denji seeks solace in the company of Yoshida, a friend who downplays the brawl as a typical high school incident. Yoshida, acknowledging his own unfamiliarity with such situations, decides to cheer Denji up by suggesting they skip class and visit the movie theater. As they watch a film together, Denji notices the lack of other patrons due to a recent attack by a squid-like Devil. However, thanks to the cinema’s devil hunters, the situation was swiftly resolved with no casualties. Denji reflects on his role as Chainsaw Man and how he may not have the same impact as a film protagonist.

A Surprise Encounter

Just as Denji and Yoshida are engrossed in their conversation, a third person enters the scene. Yoshida reveals that he invited a fellow student who expressed interest in dating Denji. Leaving the two alone, Yoshida wishes Denji luck on his date. Denji, curious about what it means to have a “normal” experience, engages in a conversation with the girl. However, the encounter takes an unexpected turn when the girl reveals her perverse and twisted expression, seemingly frozen on her face. Denji, oblivious to her bizarre demeanor, focuses on her inappropriate actions toward him.

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Reflections on Normalcy

Throughout Chapter 136, Denji grapples with the concept of normalcy. He wonders if the experiences he encounters, such as attending school, fighting, and going on dates, are what it truly means to live a normal life. Yoshida, after careful consideration, affirms that the events of the day indeed represent normalcy. However, Denji’s encounter with the peculiar girl challenges his perception of what is considered normal.

Key Takeaways and Themes

Chapter 136 of Chainsaw Man delves into the complexities of Denji’s life as he yearns for a sense of normalcy. The chapter highlights the challenges he faces at school and the conflicting emotions he experiences. Denji’s encounter with the mysterious girl introduces a dark and unsettling element to the story, further blurring the line between reality and the supernatural.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 136 offers readers a glimpse into Denji’s quest for normalcy amidst his extraordinary circumstances. The chapter explores themes of identity, acceptance, and the desire for a conventional life. As Denji continues to navigate the challenges of being Chainsaw Man, readers are left eager to uncover what lies ahead in his journey.

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