The Devil is a Part Timer Anime Sequel: What You Need to Know!!!

The highly anticipated sequel to the popular comedy anime series, The Devil is a Part-Timer!!, is set to air this summer, bringing back the beloved characters and their hilarious antics. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the continuation of this unique reverse isekai story, which first captured their hearts back in 2013.

In this article, we will explore the details of the upcoming sequel, including its confusing naming conventions, the story so far, and what fans can expect from the new season.

The Devil is a Part Timer Anime Sequel- The Confusion Surrounding the Sequel

Before delving into the details of the new season, it’s important to address the confusion surrounding its title and placement in the overall franchise. The original anime adaptation, titled The Devil is a Part-Timer!, aired in 2013 and garnered a dedicated fanbase. However, after just 13 episodes, there was a long hiatus with no new content for the series.

Then, in July 2022, a second series titled The Devil is a Part-Timer!! – notice the additional exclamation point – aired to mixed reviews. Now, the recently announced sequel has further muddled the waters by being referred to as the second season.

Some fans speculate that the new sequel could be the second cour of the 2022 series, while others believe it is a separate season altogether. The lack of clarity from the official sources has left fans scratching their heads. As of now, it is assumed to be the second season, given the title and the absence of any official clarification. Despite the confusion, fans are eagerly awaiting the new installment and hoping for answers to the burning questions left by the previous season.

The Devil is a Part Timer Anime Sequel- Story So Far!

For those unfamiliar with the series, The Devil is a Part-Timer!! follows the demon lord Satan as he is forced to retreat from his conquest of the land of Ente Isla and ends up in modern-day Tokyo. Stripped of his powers, he takes on a fake persona and works at a fast-food restaurant called MgRonald’s to make ends meet. Alongside him are other characters from Ente Isla, who also find themselves living in the human world with new identities.

The series, based on the light novel by Satoshi Wagahara and the manga adaptation by Akio Hiraagi, offers a unique twist on the isekai genre by focusing on the comedic aspects of a demon lord navigating everyday life in a modern city. The charming characters, witty dialogue, and hilarious situations have endeared the series to fans around the world.

The Devil is a Part Timer Anime The New Season: What to Expect?

While details about the upcoming season are still scarce, fans can look forward to the return of their favorite characters and their misadventures in the human world. The new season will be produced by Studio 3Hz, known for their work on the popular series Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online, and directed by Daisuke Tsukushi, who has experience working on shows like Black Butler and My Hero Academia.

The opening theme song, titled “WITH,” will be performed by Minami Kuribayashi, who also sang the opening theme for the previous season. The catchy and upbeat song is sure to set the tone for the lighthearted comedy that fans have come to love.

The Devil is a Part Timer Anime Sequel Characters- New Additions to the Cast

Joining the returning cast members are new additions, including Madoka Asahina, who will be voicing the character Acieth Alla. Acieth, also known as Tsubasa Saitou on Earth, is the adoptive daughter of Lailah and Nord. With a voracious appetite and a love for curry, she adds an entertaining dynamic to the series.

Madoka Asahina’s previous voice acting roles in shows like We Never Learn: BOKUBEN and New Game!! have showcased her talent for bringing characters to life.

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The Devil is a Part Timer Anime Fan Base and Expectations

The original series of The Devil is a Part-Timer!! garnered a dedicated fan base, who eagerly awaited news of a sequel for nearly a decade. However, the second series received mixed reviews and failed to generate the same level of excitement as its predecessor. Some fans felt that the art style and lower budget of the 2022 series alienated the older audience, while others were put off by the inclusion of a comic relief baby character.

Despite the mixed reactions, the new sequel presents an opportunity for the series to regain its footing and captivate both old and new fans alike. With a fresh season and potential story developments, there is hope that the sequel will live up to the expectations of the dedicated fan base.

As fans eagerly await the release of the new season of The Devil is a Part-Timer!!, there is a mixture of excitement and apprehension. The confusion surrounding the title and placement of the sequel has added an extra layer of uncertainty. However, the charming characters, humorous storytelling, and unique premise of the series continue to draw fans in.

With the return of beloved characters and the introduction of new additions to the cast, the upcoming season holds the promise of more laughs and entertaining moments. As fans anticipate the release of more details about the sequel, they remain hopeful that it will capture the essence of what made the original series so beloved. Only time will tell if the new season can live up to the high expectations set by its predecessor.

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