Did The One Piece Episode Featuring Gear 5 Receive High Ratings?

The recent episode of One Piece featuring Luffy’s Gear 5 transformation has sparked discussions about whether it truly broke the internet. Let’s delve into the available information and examine the extent of its impact.

  1. Fans’ Claims: Many fans believe that Luffy’s Gear 5 transformation broke the internet, attributing it to the immense excitement and anticipation surrounding the episode. The episode, which showcased Gear 5 for the first time, generated significant buzz and online activity.
  2. Streaming Platform Issues: Reports suggest that the episode caused streaming platforms like Crunchyroll to experience server crashes due to the surge in traffic. However, specific data or evidence supporting the claim of the internet being “broken” is not provided.
  3. Lack of Concrete Evidence: While there are claims that the episode broke the internet, it is important to approach such statements with skepticism. The available information does not offer concrete evidence or data to support the extent of the impact.
  4. Server and Website Issues: It is acknowledged that Luffy’s Gear 5th debut caused servers and websites to experience issues. However, the details regarding the scale and duration of these issues remain unclear.

Did The One Piece Episode Featuring Gear 5 Receive High Ratings?

According to the available search results, the ratings for the One Piece episode featuring Gear 5 are mixed. Here is a breakdown of the information:

Positive Reviews:

  • A Reddit threadsuggests that the episode was well-received, with good animations and a fun, goofy tone that fit well with the concept of Gear 5.
  • A YouTube video provides a review of the episode, praising the animation and action sequences. Here we have added the video.

Negative Reviews:

  • A recent article suggests that the episode might score poor ratings, despite the hype within the community.
  • A YouTube video claims that Gear 5th will break the internet, but it does not provide substantial evidence or data.
  • The ComicBook.com article states that the episode broke the internet, but it does not provide specific information about the ratings.

IMDb Ratings:

  • According to IMDb, the episode has a rating of 9.5/10, based on over 5,000 user ratings.

Overall, while there are mixed reviews about the One Piece episode featuring Gear 5, it appears that the majority of viewers enjoyed the episode. The IMDb rating is high, and reviews on Reddit and YouTube are generally positive. While some sources suggest that the episode might score poor ratings, it is important to note that this is not a consensus opinion.

While there is a consensus that the episode featuring Luffy’s Gear 5 generated significant interest and caused streaming platforms to experience problems, the claim of it breaking the internet appears to be an exaggeration. Concrete evidence or data supporting this claim is lacking.

It is crucial to rely on verifiable information when assessing the actual impact of such events. Nonetheless, the episode undoubtedly left a lasting impression on fans and showcased the excitement surrounding One Piece’s iconic moments.

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