Re Zero Season 3 Release Date: Is It Coming In 2023, What You Need To Know!

The long-awaited journey continues as Re Zero Season 3 emerges from the shadows, promising a tapestry of emotions, mysteries, and revelations. Prepare to embark on a new odyssey alongside Subaru Natsuki as he grapples with the enigmatic power of Return by Death and navigates a world of perilous choices and unexpected alliances.

With each twist of fate and turn of events, Re Zero Season 3 is poised to deliver a captivating narrative that will leave fans on the edge of their seats.  In this post, we are going to talk about the Re Zero Season 3 whether it is coming or not.

Re Zero Season 3 Release Date

The exact release date for Re: Zero Season 3 has not been officially announced yet. However, based on the available information, fans can speculate that the first cour of Season 3 is expected to be released in April 2024.  It is also mentioned that Season 3 will likely consist of two courses, similar to the previous seasons. The previous seasons of Re: Zero had a four-year gap between airing dates, so it is possible that Season 3 will follow a similar timeline.


The storyline for Re: Zero Season 3 will continue to follow the adventures of Subaru Natsuki and his friends as they face new challenges and dangers. While the exact plot of Season 3 has not been revealed, it is expected to revolve around the fifth official arc of the light novel series. The previous seasons of Re: Zero have consisted of two course, and it is likely that Season 3 will follow a similar format. The exact number of episodes for Season 3 has not been confirmed yet, but it is expected to be around 25 episodes, like the previous two seasons.

RE ZERO SEAson 2 Ending- What Happened At The End of The S2?

The second season of Re:Zero ended with Subaru and Emilia finally defeating the White Whale, but at a great cost. Rem was killed in the battle, and Subaru was left traumatized by her death. He vowed to find a way to bring her back, even if it meant sacrificing himself.

The season ended with Subaru and Emilia embarking on a journey to the Sanctuary, where they hope to find a way to save Rem. However, they are unaware that the Witch of Greed, Echidna, is also waiting for them there. The ending of Re:Zero Season 2 was a major turning point for the series. It left Subaru and Emilia in a very difficult situation, and it raised many questions about the future of the series. Fans will have to wait until Season 3 to find out what happens next.

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Re Zero Season 3 Characters- Who Has Chances To Be Back?

We have listed some of the main characters as well the supporting figures.

  • Natsuki Subaru: A 20-year-old shut-in who is transported to the fantasy world of Lugunica. He has the ability to “Return by Death,” which allows him to rewind time after he dies.
  • Emilia: A half-elf and the candidate for the throne of Lugunica. She is kind and caring, but she is also very insecure.
  • Rem: A maid who serves Roswaal L Mathers. She is fiercely loyal to him and Subaru, and she has feelings for him.
  • Ram: Rem’s twin sister. She is also a maid who serves Roswaal, but she is more stoic and reserved than Rem.
  • Beatrice: A spirit who lives in the Forbidden Library. She is very knowledgeable and powerful, but she is also very childish and demanding.
  • Puck: A spirit who is Emilia’s contracted spirit. He is playful and mischievous, but he is also very protective of Emilia.
  • Garfiel Tinsel: A half-beastman who is the leader of the Felt Camp. He is hot-headed and impulsive, but he is also very loyal to Felt.
  • Priscilla Barielle: The Witch of Pride and the candidate for the throne of Lugunica. She is arrogant and ruthless, but she is also very powerful.
  • Julius Juukulius: The Knight Captain of the Royal Guard and the candidate for the throne of Lugunica. He is a skilled swordsman and a just and honorable man.
  • Satella: The Witch of Envy and the main antagonist of the series. She is said to be the most powerful witch in existence, and she is responsible for the Great Calamity that destroyed half of the world.

Re Zero Season 3 Characters

These are just some of the characters that are expected to appear in Re:Zero season 3. The season is expected to cover the events of the fourth arc of the light novel series, which is titled “The Frozen Bond.” This arc will focus on Subaru’s journey to save Emilia from the White Whale, a giant whale-like monster that is terrorizing the kingdom.

Re Zero Season 3 Platform- Where To Watch?

RE ZERThere has yet to be any official confirmation on the streaming platform for the upcoming season. However, based on the previous seasons and industry trends, Re:Zero Season 3 will be available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

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Re Zero Season 3- Any Official Teaser Available?

A number of video is available on the globe title as Re Zero Season 3 Official Teaser but they are just a fan-made version. However, the official release date for Re:Zero season 3 has not yet been announced, but it is expected to premiere in early 2024 and after this we can expect the teaser to be out.

Below we have uploaded a fan-made video-

Unveil the mysteries and embrace the journey: as R Zero Season 3 unfolds, stay tuned for our in-depth coverage. Don’t miss a single update – mark our website in your bookmark section and join us for a thrilling adventure into the world of Re:Zero!

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