Chained Soldier: A Manga- Anime Series, When It Is Going To Be Out?

Chained Soldier is a battle fantasy anime based on the manga of the same name by Takahiro and Yōhei Takemura. The anime’s opening theme song is performed by Akari Kitō. The story is set in a world where a demonic gate has unleashed monsters known as Shūki. A special peach tree is able to give special powers, but only to women.

The story begins when a down-on-his-luck boy named Yūki Wakura meets Uzen Kyōka, a girl who has gained the power of the peach, and is the captain of the 7th Anti-Demon Squad

 The anime was originally scheduled to be released in 2023, but it was delayed and is now set to premiere in January 2024. The announcement of the new release date was made at an event at AnimeJapan 2023

Chained Soldier Storyline

The story is set in a world where gates to another dimension called Mato have opened across Japan, unleashing monsters known as Shūki that attack the inhabitants of the Earth. The story’s matriarchal society is one where women are smarter and in power, and everyone in power will exploit those under them.

The anime follows the adventures of Yūki Wakura, a down-on-his-luck boy, and Uzen Kyōka, the captain of the 7th Anti-Demon Squad, as they fight against the Shūki and try to save the world. Kyōka has gained the power of the peach, which gives special powers but only to women. In the anime, Tenka, the commander of the 6th Squad, passionately asks Yūki to go out with her, leaving him flustered and unable to answer

Chained Soldier characters

here are the main characters of Chained Soldier:

  • Yuuki Wakura: The main protagonist of the series. He is a recent high school graduate who is enslaved by Kyouka Uzen after he stumbles into a gate to the Mato. He is initially reluctant to fight, but he eventually comes to terms with his new role and becomes a powerful ally to the Anti-Demon Corps.
  • Kyouka Uzen: The commander of the 7th squad of the Demon Defense Force. She is a skilled warrior with the ability to enslave Shuuki. She is initially cold and indifferent to Yuuki, but she eventually warms up to him and becomes his lover.
  • Himari Azuma: A member of the 7th squad. She is a kind and gentle girl who is skilled in healing magic. She is also a childhood friend of Yuuki’s.
  • Shushu Suruga: A member of the 7th squad. She is a skilled fighter who is known for her explosive temper. She is also a bit of a pervert, and she often teases Yuuki.
  • Nei Ookawamura: A member of the 7th squad. She is an 11-year-old girl who is a fully certified member of the Anti-Demon Corps. She possesses the power of clairvoyance.
Chained Soliders Characters

There are many other characters in Chained Soldier, but these are the main ones.

Chained Soldier Where to Watch

As of now, the anime is not available to watch online or on any streaming platforms. However, there are several fan made trailers available on YouTube that give a glimpse of the anime’s animation style, characters, and action scenes. Fans of the manga and newcomers to the series can watch the official trailers to get a better idea of what to expect from the anime. Once the anime is released, it may be available to watch on streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll, . Fans will have to wait for further announcements regarding the availability of the anime.

Chained Soldier trailer

The full-animated trailer was released on December 17, 2022. Smooth visual animation is welcomed with open hands by fan.

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In conclusion, Chained Soldier is a unique and entertaining anime series that combines elements of action, fantasy, and romance. The series features strong female characters and over-the-top action scenes. While it may not be for everyone, Chained Soldier is sure to please fans of the genre.

The unique premise of the series, in which humans and demons are forced to work together to fight a common enemy. The strong female characters, such as Kyouka Uzen and Himari Azuma. The over-the-top action scenes, which are sure to keep viewers entertained. The series’ message of hope and perseverance, even in the face of overwhelming odds.

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