Ending Explained: Who Killed Kiernan Shipka’s Mom In “Totally Killer”?

A new horror comedy called Totally Killer is now available to watch for free on Amazon Prime. It is the latest work of media to cash in on nostalgia for the 1980s. (Isn’t it time to miss the 2000s already? Or at least a love of the 1990s? Gen X has been nostalgic for too long. Stranger Things is to blame for me.

Totally Killer is directed by Nahnatchka Khan (Fresh Off the Boat, Always Be My Maybe), and the screenplay was written by David Matalon, Sasha Perl-Raver, and Jen D’Angelo. Kiernan Shipka plays the final girl who travels back in time to the 1980s to save her mother from the “Sweet Sixteen” serial killer. That sounds like the best way to have a scary good time, right?

It really is, too. Still, it can be hard to follow at times, just like most movies about time travel. This is where Decider comes in handy. Continue reading to find out what happens in Totally Killer and how it ends, as well as who the killer is in Totally Killer. There will be spoilers ahead.

Totally Killer Plot Details

Katie Holmes plays Jamie, a teen girl who is sick of her overprotective mother, Pam (Julie Bowen). The “Sweet 16” serial killer did kill all of Pam’s friends, but they were never caught. That was 35 years ago. After all that time, he wouldn’t come back, right?

Of course it’s wrong. The Sweet 16 killer comes back on Halloween night 2023 wearing his signature scary mask and knife. The killer breaks into their house and kills Jamie’s mother while she is at a show with her dad nearby. Like the three other people he killed in 1987, the killer stabs Pam 16 times.

Jamie is very sad. It doesn’t help that the lead officer in the case says Pam had been texting with Chris (Jonathan Potts), the host of the town’s true crime podcast, even though Jamie’s father is known to hate Chris. Chris is asked by Jamie if he was having an affair with her mom. Chris says he wasn’t; he was just talking to Pam because he was the only one who could still solve the serial killer case. Pam told Chris something she had never told anyone else: in 1987, after three of her friends were killed, she got a note that said, “One day you’ll be next.” That’s why Pam was always so scared.

Lucky for us, Jamie’s best friend Amelia (Kelcey Mawema) is a genius who built a time machine for her school science fair project! She hasn’t worked out all the bugs yet, but Amelia thinks she will be able to use the time machine to stop the killings by going back to 1987, the day of the first murder. Unfortunately, there isn’t time to fix the time machine because the killer will soon be back to attack Jamie. Jamie gets away in the time machine and is sent back to 1987.

Totally Killer Plot Details 

Jamie asks her best friend’s mom for help because she came up with the idea for the time machine in the first place. She finds out right away that her mother was a famous mean girl in the 1980s. Young Pam (now played by Olivia Holt) and her friends think that Jamie is a total loser. Because of this, Jamie can’t stop the first murder, which is one of Pam’s popular but mean friends. Pam thinks that Jamie is psychic because of that murder, and she thinks that she and her friends are in danger. She doesn’t take it that seriously, though, because she’s still a stupid, horny teen. This leads to the death of another one of her famous but mean girl friends.

This time, though, the girl who was meant to be the third victim ended up being the second. In other words, Jamie is changing the past. Time is like a river in this world, as her best friend Amelia once told her. When you change the direction of the river, it will have an impact further downstream. That’s why Jamie is afraid that if she tells her mom by mistake that she plans to marry her dad one day, she will push them to get married too soon. (They didn’t start dating until they were both older and ready for it after college.) It’s too late now, though!

Jamie needs to get back to the future by Halloween night, or she’ll be stuck in the 1980s forever because of the ridiculous time machine story. She still hasn’t caught the killer, though. A kid named Lurch who likes to be alone is her top suspect right now. Pam and her mean friends picked on and hurt his sister so badly that she died in a car accident, so he has a reason. But come on, that’s too clear.

Back in the present, Amelia has been making a new time machine to help save Jamie. This is in the 1980s: Amelia’s mom is fixing up the old one. But it’s missing something… a huge force that can only be found at the nearby entertainment park’s Gravitron ride! (The story of a timey-wimey). (Just do it.) The killer and the person he wants to kill will be lured to the amusement park. Jamie is going to quickly stop the murder and then go back to her own time.

It works! The killer is killed by the teens before he kills someone else. After that, they take his face off.

Totally Killer Ending Explained

There is a twist in the story: the killer from 1987 is not the same person as the killer from 2023. The killer from 2023 ends up back in 1987 in some way. How? Because Chris, aka the guy who does the true-crime podcasts, is the killer in 2023. Because he needed new material for his show, he killed Jamie’s mom. It’s tough to keep people interested! Pam never got a note from the killer. Chris wrote it himself.

Amelia built a new time machine that Chris used to go back in time. To keep the truth from getting out, he’s going to kill Jamie. In the Gravitron, Chris and Jamie compete, and Jamie wins. She kills Chris and goes back in time to the year 2023. There are a few things that could go wrong with the happy finish.

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Good news: Jamie’s mom is still living and married to her dad. That means Jamie is still their daughter. The past is clear in Amelia’s mom’s mind, and she tells Jamie that this reality is a little different from the one she came from. There’s a big plot hole in the movie: it’s not clear how Amelia’s mom could know what’s different, unless Jamie told her everything about herself in the past.

What’s changed most? Like she thought, Jamie’s parents got married way too soon, and now she has a 34-year-old brother. Also? The brother is named Jamie, and Jamie’s new name is Colette. Oops!

The movie finishes with that funny line. As the credits roll, we see parts of a notebook that talk about other changes to this reality. The old principal, Summers, died in 1987, and the new principal is Randy, the football jock. However, this Chris from the show has avoided trouble for now… but Amelia’s mom still keeps an eye on him.

Who Killed Kiernan Shipka’s Mom?

the killer of Kiernan Shipka’s character’s mother in the movie “Totally Killer” is a loner kid named Lurch, whose sister was bullied by Pam and her mean friends.

Who Killed Kiernan Shipka’s Mom?

Who Is The Killer In Totally Killer On Amazon?

In Totally Killer, the killer is a nerdy kid named Doug Summers, played by Nathaniel Appiah. Doug Summers grows up to be Jamie’s high school dean. It turned out that Doug was seeing “Fat Trish,” the girl who was picked on and died. There’s more to the story, though: Trish’s friends got her drunk at a sleepover the night she died so they could bother her about a report that she had slept with a teacher. She then got drunk and drove home, where she crashed and died. This is why Doug wanted to get even. Pam wasn’t punished because she wasn’t at the party.

But hold on… So why did the killer write on Pam’s note, “One day you’ll be next”?

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