Hi-DRIVERS Anime Release Date: Everything We Know So Far

Fans of Hi-DRIVERS will be excited to hear that the theme song for the upcoming racing cartoon has been turned into an animated music video! The main YouTube channel for the show has this visual treat for you to enjoy.

It’s hard not to notice how much the music video looks like the world of idol anime, where the animated figures take center stage and dance to the catchy beat of the song. This video not only makes you more excited for the upcoming animated race show, but it also makes you think of idol culture, which makes the music even more charming.

What Is The Release Date Of Hi-DRIVERS Anime?

If you’re one of the people who can’t wait for the Hi Drivers cartoon series to start, you should start planning for it now! The curtain will go up this year, as was publicly announced, but there is still no set date for the release.

The assistant director, Naoya Ando, has made his mark on this project with his artistic skills. He has worked on well-known and acclaimed projects like Love Live! and Kinomo Friends Season 2. Tomoyuki Fujii is in charge of character animation and is best known for his work on Sunshine!! Tomohiro Kawahara is in charge of mechanical and effect animation and is also very good at what they do. As the excitement builds, the stage is set for a cartoon show that will surely win hearts and get people excited in a big way.

Cast Details Of Hi-Drivers Anime

The start of street racing is marked by the release of Hi-Drivers’ newest teaser video, main photo, main cast, and core staff. The trip will be exciting and mix different genres. The company in charge of this project is Bandai Namco Arts, whose goal is to make a unique, innovative TV animation that will grab people’s attention.

Director Naoya Andou is in charge of the creative project and tells the story through her visionary guidance. This made-up world is held together by the original character designs that the skilled Pako carefully created. These designs give the characters and their stories a unique look.

hi-drivers anime

Their looks and traits are shaped by the skilled hand of Character Designer Tomoyuki Fujii, who gives them depth and meaning. The work of Mitsunori Ikeda captures the spirit of Night Break, and the skill of JUVENILE brings the soundscape of Nanairo Monster to life. Motsu’s music makes the beats in Djungarian pulse, and TeddyLoid’s art makes the trip of Sin Destiny sound like a melody.

As the excitement builds, the combination of talent, story, and sound promises a viewing experience that will captivate both fans and newcomers, showcasing the skills of the key people who worked on Hi-Drivers.

One amazing thing about Bandai Namco Arts is how involved it is in so many different areas of the entertainment business. As a subsidiary of Bandai Namco Holdings, the company not only makes and sells cartoons, but it also has a wide range of other impressive businesses, such as music production, voice acting agencies, event management, and more. This multifaceted method lets them make connections between different types of entertainment, adding to a rich and connected ecosystem that includes anime, music, and other media.

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How To Utilize ‘Action Revs Up’ In The Hi-DRIVERS TV Anime Teaser Trailer?

Music Video (1 episode, 3 minutes) Sunrise. 47 people voted 644 out of 5 stars.

The video mostly has an anime idol vibe to it, with different anime characters acting, such as dancing and singing the song. Still, Director Naoya Andou and the production company Sunrise and Bandai Namco Arts made a good picture.

Hello, DRIVERS Hi-DRIVERS is set in Godtenber, an area at the base of Mt. Fuji with neighborhoods that are very different from one another in terms of cityscape and culture. It tells the story of teams of street racers who get together every day to participate in races where “speed is everything.”

You can watch and stream episodes of Hi-DRIVERS with or without subs.

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