Stay Tuned: ‘SAO: Unital Ring’ Anime Release Date Updates And Speculations

When does the Sword Art Online Unital Ring come out? It makes sense that you’ll want to jump right into Season 4 after the dramatic finish of Alicization War of Underworld Part 2, which was the last episode of Season 3. Find out when we think the fourth season of Sword Art Online should start by reading on. Find out below when we might be able to watch Season 4 of Sword Art Online.

When is the Sword Art Online Unital Ring Release Date?

The release date for Sword Art Online Unital Ring looks like it will be in 2023 or 2024. There are a few reasons for this before you send a letter of complaint to your local politician. To begin with, the Unital Ring light novel story has not yet been finished. At the rate things are going with the light novel series, we think the latest arc will not be finished in book form for another two years.

However, it’s hard to say for sure when the anime adaptation will start airing until we know for sure how long the Unital Ring light book arc will last. With two books a year, that’s ten books in the Unital Ring arc, things should be over by 2023 if everything goes as planned. Because of this, the anime adaptation, which will happen because the series is so famous, might not come out until another year after the last light novel. The Unital Ring cartoon probably won’t come out until 2024.

With a split-course anime plan, though, this show’s release date could be moved up. If Unital Ring comes out in parts, it might begin before that possible 2024 date. There will be a long wait for it to end, and it will need a little more filler than that.

Thank goodness, it has been revealed that an anime version of Sword Art Online Progressive is being made. That story is told again in SAO Progressive. Progressive is expected to come out in 2022, or maybe even at the end of 2021 if we’re lucky. While you wait for Season 4, you can watch something different.

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Sword Art Online: Progressive Movies

On November 8, 2020, it was revealed that the first story arc from the anime series, Aincard, was going to be turned into a movie.

‘Aria of a Starless Night’ is the name of the movie based on the six-volume light book series.

“Aria of a Starless Night,” the first Sword Art Online: Progress movie, came out on October 30 in Japan, December 3 in North America, and December 9 in Europe.

The bad news for TV show fans is that a second movie in the Progressive series has already been revealed. The A-1 team will now be focusing on that movie.

The movie’s name is “Sword Art Online Progressive: Scherzo of a Dark Dust,” and it will come out in Japan sometime in 2022, though no date has been set.

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