Blue Giant Anime Release Date Announcement: Don’t Miss This Chance To See It On The Big Screen

Anime fans have never had it better because there are so many great shows to stream right now. There are also a lot of underrated anime flicks that people can enjoy. And the selection keeps growing because new books are always coming out, like the much-anticipated movie version of the manga “Blue Giant.”

The very famous “Blue Giant” manga series was published in Shogakukan’s Big Comic from 2013 to 2016. It has beautiful drawings and writing by Shinichi Ishizuka. Over 10 million copies have been sold, and fans liked it a lot. It even won the Grand Prize in the Manga Division of the 2017 Japan Media Arts Festival Awards. It was followed by two more stories: “Blue Giant Supreme,” which ran in the same magazine from 2016 to 2020, and “Blue Giant Explorer,” which started in Big Comic in 2020 and is still going strong as of this writing in 2023.

The story of “Blue Giant” is about a high school student named Dai Miyamoto who finds out he loves jazz music, especially the saxophone. The story then follows his journey to become good at this new hobby. It was reported in 2021 that an anime version of the book was being made, which made fans of the book very happy. We now know a lot more about the movie. This is all you need to know about “Blue Giant.”

Blue Giant Anime Release Date Details

Since it was first revealed in 2021, “Blue Giant” was supposed to come out in Japan sometime in 2022. However, the release date was later pushed back so the creators could “express the world of the film better,” according to Crunchyroll. On February 17, 2023, it finally came out in Japanese cinemas. It made over a billion yen at the box office, with over 690,000 tickets sold.

GKIDS is in charge of the North American release. They bought the rights to the movie after it did well in Japan. President David Jesteadt told Variety that “Blue Giant” is an exciting and moving look at what it takes to be truly artistic and creative. “We are proud to share this special film that captures the spirit of the beloved manga for a new audience, with one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard in years.”

Blue Giant Had Its Screenplay Written By Whom?

“Blue Giant” was written by a person who only goes by the name “Number 8.” This person also worked as an editor on Shinichi Ishizuka’s manga. They’ve been busy over the past few years, but they’re still pretty new to manga. The world of “Blue Giant” is very different from what Number 8 writes about in their other books. They are known for writing about warriors.

They wrote two manga in 2022 about warrior clans at war with each other. According to Ishizuka, the first one, “Kaze no Yari” (meaning “Spear of the Wind”), which came out on April 10, is a great book. The story takes place during the Sengoku Period, which is also called the Warring States Period. It is about the warrior and artist Honda Tadakatsu, who was a real person and was very important in the creation of the Tokugawa Shogunate.

The second book from Number 8 to come out in 2022, “Abura,” came out on August 7. It has a similar exciting story for history buffs. This story takes place in Japan during the Bakumatsu Period and is about the fights between the Shinsengumi (a group of swordsmen who defended Kyoto during the last days of the Tokugawa Shogunate) and the Goryo-eji (an ideologically different group).

What Is The Plot Of Blue Giant?

In the sequels “Blue Giant Supreme” and “Blue Giant Explorer,” Dai Miyamoto goes to Europe and then America. But the anime movie, which is based on the manga series, shows him getting his start in Japan. To get into the jazz scene in Tokyo, the self-taught sax player from Sendai forms a trio with pianist Sawabe and drummer Tamada. “The main story to be told in the film is the growth of young people who are desperately sincere about jazz, but it is not a film with a high threshold that is limited to jazz lovers, and we are aiming for a film that can be enjoyed by people who have never heard of jazz before,” Yuzuru Tachikawa, the film’s director, “I believe that what lies at the root of the original ‘Blue Giant’ manga is a more universal ‘attractive way of life’ of human beings.”

Unfortunately, Tachikawa’s tries to appeal to a wider audience make “Blue Giant” feel like a missed chance. While the movie tries to show what makes jazz such a unique genre, it mostly sticks to a pattern that is common in shonen shows. “The trio’s progression to the top feels less like a musical journey and more like a battle anime, with increasingly larger venues instead of increasingly stronger opponents — and in which the recipe for victory is always a rousing speech by the group’s fearless leader,” The Japan Times wrote in its assessment. You can enjoy the music, which is played by jazz musician Hiromi Uehara, but don’t expect a breakdown of jazz.

Who Stars In Blue Giant?

Three main roles in “Blue Giant” are played by two people each. One person does the voice acting and the other person does all the music. Yuki Yamada does the voice of the main character, Dai Miyamoto. Even though Yamada has been in a few anime movies, he is best known for his live-action parts. His roles include Joe Gibken (aka Gokai Blue) in the “Super Sentai” series and most recently in the Oscar-winning movie “Shoplifters.” For those deep sounds when Dai plays the saxophone in “Blue Giant,” thanks to Tomoaki Baba.

Amane Okayama, who plays Hiroshi Sajima in the mystery-thriller series “Zero: The Bravest Money Game” and is also in Dai’s band, does the voice of Shunji Tamada. When Tamada sits down at the drums, Shun Ishiwaka from Millennium Parade takes over. Finally, Shōtarō Mamiya does the role of pianist Yukinori Sawabe. Mamiya also played Seigi Suezaki in “Zero: The Bravest Money Game.” Hiromi Uehara wrote all the music for the movie, so you can hear her when he plays the ivories.

The manga artist talked about how happy he was to have these skilled people on board, especially the musicians. Shinichi Isuzuka told Crunchyroll, “We are very lucky to have Hiromi Uehara-san as the film’s music director. She is one of the best jazz pianists in the world.” “The sound of the movie ‘Blue Giant’ was made by trial and error with the help of Tomoaki Baba-san on saxophone and Shun Ishiwaka-san on drums. Both of them are sincere young musicians.” The song is very strong. Thank you so much, Uehara-san, Baba-san, and Ishiwaka-san, for the great sound!”

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Who Directs Blue Giant?

The director of the anime movie “Blue Giant” is Yuzuru Tachikawa, who has worked on a number of well-known projects before. One of the best anime shows of all time, “Mob Psycho 100,” which he directed 25 episodes of, is one of his most famous works. Other well-known anime shows include “Deca-Dence” and “Death Parade.” Additionally, Tachikawa has directed single episodes of popular TV shows such as “Steins;Gate,” “Attack on Titan,” “Kill la Kill,” and “Saga of Tanya the Evil.” He was in charge of the 26th movie in the long-running Detective Conan series, “Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine,” which got good reviews. When it came out in theaters in April 2023, the anime movie broke all kinds of records. It made over 3 billion yen, making it the most successful “Detective Conan” movie ever.

When Tachikawa does something, it has a certain taste, and he was really into “Blue Giant.””I want you to experience with me the story of the main character, ‘Dai,’ who makes sounds as if he burns his life with all his strength every day and his friends with conflicts,” Tachikawa shared with Crunchyroll. Do you want to do something but don’t know what? This movie might help you figure it out. There is no doubt that the people who worked on “Blue Giant,” especially the director, cared as much about making the movie great as Dai Miyamoto does about his love of jazz.

You can view the trailer for “Blue Giant” down below.


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