Where And When To Watch ‘Secrets Of A Celebrity Nanny’: Tv Schedule And Free Live Streaming Options

The first episode of “Secrets of a Celebrity Nanny” will air on Lifetime on October 29, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET.

In the book “Secrets of a Celebrity Nanny,” When hopeful writer Gabby takes on the job of babysitting Justice Grace’s famous child, she is thrown into a dangerous world full of people who are crazy about celebrities, having affairs with other people, and even murder. Gabby soon learns that her predecessor had died in a terrible accident while she is with “J-Gray’s” entourage, which includes her British rock star boyfriend, her ambitious manager, her angry ex-husband, and her always-watchful bodyguard. Her suspicions grow that the attacker, who she thinks may have close ties to J-Gray’s inner group, may be going after her next.

How Can I Watch “Secrets Of A Celebrity Nanny” For Free?

There are ways to watch “Secrets of a Celebrity Nanny” on Lifetime even if you don’t have cable. These include Philo (free trial), DirecTV watch (free trial), and Sling (half off your first month).

Secrets of a Celebrity Nanny

What Are The Differences Between The Streaming Services?

Philo is a live TV streaming service that focuses on entertainment stations like Discovery, MTV, and more. It costs $25 a month, which is a reasonable price for more than 60 stations. It lets you record as much as you want and stream on all of your best app-enabled devices. You can try Philo for free for 7 days right now.

FuboTV and DirecTV Stream are similar because they both offer the same programs and features. Their most basic plan costs $74.99 a month and comes with a free trial. It has a little more than 75 live TV stations. On their website, DirecTV Stream lets you look at all of their station packages.

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Sling is known for being affordable, and new customers can get their first month of service for 50% off. Two of the packages, Sling Blue and Sling Orange, cost $40 a month each. The third plan, Sling Orange + Blue, costs $55 a month and combines the first two. You will need either a Sling Blue or Sling Orange + Blue contract to watch Bravo.

What Is The “Secrets Of A Celebrity Nanny” About?

“When aspiring writer Gabby becomes nanny to Justice Grace’s daughter, she is thrown into a seductive and dangerous world of celebrity stalkers, affairs, and even murder,” says the movie’s official synopsis. She soon finds out that “J-Gray’s” bodyguard, her British rock star boyfriend, her ambitious manager, her jealous ex-husband, and her always-present, overprotective bodyguard had killed the previous Nanny…and that she might be the next person killed by the killer, who she thinks is very close to J-Gray.

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