The Top 10 Enigmatic Mysteries Surrounding New-Generation Anime

A thrilling mystery is the best way to build tension in a story, and anime has always been great at keeping secrets from its viewers. The more the mystery is woven into the story, the less likely it is that fans will lose interest, eager to finally put together all the puzzle pieces that the anime is building right in front of their eyes. Classic anime shows from the past were marked by their mysteries and their big endings. Some long-awaited reveals from iconic series are still to come, like what the One Piece treasure is or how Guts’ quest for revenge ends in Berserk.

All new anime shows love mysteries even more than the old ones did. The majority of new generation classics are packed full of secrets that fans can’t wait to be revealed. But there are some secrets in new-gen anime that really blow people’s minds.

What’s At The Bottom Of The Abyss? (Made In Abyss)

The story of Made in Abyss is based on Riko and Reg’s long, hard journey to the bottom of a mysterious pit that leads to the Earth’s deepest parts. The world around them gets scarier and stranger as they go deeper into the abyss. Each Layer is full of its own unique cosmic horrors.

No one knows how deep the Abyss goes, and going up to even the lowest level that has been found supposedly kills you. Even though there are risks, Riko is still determined to get to the bottom of the mysterious pit. If she ever does, the series’ biggest secret will be solved.

Where Did Quirks Come From? (My Hero Academia)

My Hero Academia is one of the most straightforward new-gen shonen shows. There aren’t many big secrets in it. But there is one mystery in its world that is very important to the whole MHA society: where Quirks come from and what they are. Fans say that Quirks just popped out of nowhere, beginning with a baby in China that gave off light.

From then on, people all over the world started getting superpowers, and most people today have Quirks. Fans and characters of MHA still don’t know where this strange thing came from, though. The creator of the show, Kohei Horikoshi, may or may not answer this important question, but the beginning of Quirks may have something to do with the upcoming end.

Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)

Who Gave Anya Her Telepathic Abilities? (Spy X Family)

A skilled killer, a top-notch spy, and a child mind-reader live together in the Spy x Family’s strange home. The supernatural is only linked to Anya Forger’s skills, though. It’s not true that Anya was born telepath; she used to be known as Test Subject 007, and her abilities came from being a human test subject.

However, it is still a mystery what kind of evil group is behind Anya’s ability to read minds. The most interesting part of the series is without a doubt Anya’s past, and it will probably become important to the story at some point. So fans shouldn’t worry about not knowing where Anya came from.

Spy X Family Street Fighter

How Will Noé Kill Vanitas? (The Case Study Of Vanitas)

The first episode of The Case Study of Vanitas ends with a shocking confession: Noé Archiviste, the story’s narrator and main character, tells the audience that the story will end tragically by killing his friend and partner Vanitas. However, knowing how Noé and Vanitas’ relationship ends makes following their trip even more exciting.

The series’ author, Jun Mochizuki, is famous for her amazing ability to make people cry. Fans are looking forward to the shocking and amazing reveal of how Noé kills his best friend.

the case study of vanitas

What Is Sukuna’s Origin? (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Sukuna, along with Kenjaku, is the most mysterious and dangerous bad guy in Jujutsu Kaisen. Even so, surprisingly little is known about him, like where he came from. Fans think that Sukuna’s strange past might have a special meaning for the future of the series because JJK usually gives its characters a lot of background information.

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In the end, everyone wants to know how the biggest Cursed Spirit got so strong and what happened to him in the end. Thanks to the way the book is going now, fans should soon be able to get their answers.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Who Are Senku’s Biological Parents? (Dr. Stone)

Although Dr. Stone had an unusual science appeal, it was mainly a mystery show about figuring out who started the new Stone Age by freezing people to death. Eventually, the show solves its biggest puzzle. Others, though, weren’t happy with the reveal.

Dr. Stone decided to keep many secrets after the show ended, but one has been bothering fans ever since Byakuya, Senku’s guardian, was first introduced: who are the boy’s real parents? Fans are still interested even though the show’s creator, Riichiro Inagaki, said he doesn’t care about the secret.

Dr. Stone

Where Is The Book? (Bungou Stray Dogs)

In Bungou Stray Dogs, almost all of the bad guys and good guys are trying to find The Book, an object that can change reality. Ability users from all over the world rush to Yokohama, which is said to be where The Book is, leaving the Armed Detective Agency to deal with their annoying behavior. On the other hand, surprisingly little is known about the most important artifact in the story. There is no one who knows where The Book came from or who has it now.

Fans of BSD are always coming up with new ideas about what The Book is. Some say Dazai knows where it is, others say Oda wrote it, and the bravest say The Book might not even exist anymore. Any way you look at it, the answer to this mysterious thing will be grand.

Where Did The Shining Centipede Come From? (Attack On Titan)

During the long and exciting runtime of Attack on Titan, many of the biggest secrets in new-gen anime were solved, including what was in Eren’s basement, what Titans are really like, and what life is really like outside the Walls. But when the puzzle that fans were most interested in was finally solved, it only made things more confusing. 2,000 years ago, a captive girl named Ymir fused with a strange creature that looked like a centipede and got the Power of the Titans. This gave Eldians the ability to become Titans.

The show never says what the shining centipede was or why it gave Ymir his skills, though. Some people say the centipede is an alien, while others say it’s a god. But it’s likely that the truth will stay a secret.

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What Is The Nature Of The Blue Spider Lily? (Demon Slayer)

Demon Slayer, the biggest new-gen shonen anime hit, ended in 2020 with most of its unfinished storylines wrapped up. One of the biggest secrets in the series was never answered: what the Blue Spider Lily was and what it did. This was the flower that turned Muzan into a demon and caused his downfall. After introducing the flower as the “treatment” that turned Muzan into a demon by chance, Demon Slayer never talks about where it came from or what powers it has.

The Blue Spider Lily is still around at the end of the story, which makes it even stranger that no one else has used it to make demons. It’s too bad that the Blue Spider Lily’s mysteries will probably never be answered.

Who Is The Death Devil? (Chainsaw Man)

In the world of Chainsaw Man, if there is fear, there must be a Devil that looks like that fear and whose strength depends on how scared people are. The Primal Fears are the most strong Devils that have been seen so far. These are phobias that have been ingrained in people’s minds since they were very young.

The Four Horsemen are another scary group of Devils. Three of them are introduced: the Control Devil, the War Devil, and the Famine Devil. It does not reveal who the most interesting sister, the Death Devil, is, though. Fans will also be shocked by how the Death Devil is revealed, since CSM is known for adding crazy and unexpected story twists.

Where Did The Shining Centipede Come From? (Attack On Titan)

Many of the biggest secrets in new-gen anime were solved over the course of Attack on Titan’s long and exciting story. These included what was in Eren’s basement, what Titans are really like, and what life is like outside the Walls. But the secret that fans were most interested in only made things more confusing when it was solved. A girl called Ymir, who was a slave, fused with a strange creature that looked like a centipede and got the Power of the Titans 2,000 years ago. This gave Eldians the ability to become Titans.

Attack On Titan

On the other hand, the show never says what the shining centipede was or why it gave Ymir his powers. There are people who say the centipede is an alien and people who say it’s a god. However, the truth is likely to stay a secret.

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