Zenless Zone Zero Release Date Updates: Gameplay, Trailer And Everything We Know

Even though we don’t have a Zenless Zone Zero release date yet, that important information is on the way. The game also has a Twitter page with information about the test, artwork, and trailers that give you an idea of what the game is like.

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Speculating the Release Date of Zenless Zone Zero

Hoyoverse has not yet said when Zenless Zone Zero will be out. We only know for sure that it takes place in an urban fantasy world and that there is a “sub-hollow disaster” in the area you’re going to. We’ll make changes to this story as new information comes in.

A recent tweet from the official ZZZ account gives us a hint that we might be getting more information soon. If you want to learn more about the game right now, check out our chat with the game’s producer for Zenless Zone Zero.

What is Zenless Zone Zero?

The Action RPG Zenless Zone Zero is being made by HoYoverse, the same group that made Genshin Impact. The magical disaster called the “Hollows” has had a big impact on the world where the game takes place after the end of the world. Because of this disaster, strange beings called “Ethereals” are free to roam. The story of the game takes place in New Eridu, a city that made it through the end of the world and is now the last safe place for people to live.

zenless zone zero


The players take on the part of a “Proxy,” a special kind of worker who is trained to help people explore the dangerous areas called “Holls.” You, as a Proxy, are in charge of getting useful things and information from these Hollows to help New Eridu stay alive and figure out what caused the end of the world. Players can choose from different characters, each with their own skills and powers, and use them to fight the Ethereals and find their way around the world.

What Is The Zenless Zone Zero Gameplay Like?

If you want to know what Zenless Zone Zero is like to play, the teaser movie below gives you a sneak peek at a fast-paced action adventure with lots of fighting. The September TGS Hoyoverse special show gave us a much better look at how the game was played, which added to the excitement.

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It looks like the player is a Proxy who “discovers” and controls different groups of people in fights against Hollows beasts. Check out our Zenless Zone Zero characters guide to learn more about what we know about the groups so far and what we think the Proxies and the player will do.

Put this page in your bookmarks and follow the Zenless Zone Zero Twitter to get the latest news. You can also sign up your email address on the Zenless Zone Zero website to have information sent straight to your inbox.

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How to Register for the Zenless Zone Zero Closed Beta?

On the main site, you can sign up for the next closed beta of Zenless Zone Zero. Hoyoverse says they will soon announce the start date and plan for this closed beta, so stay tuned. Since there isn’t a set date for when ZZZ will be available for everyone, save this page and come back for any future beta tests.

Zenless Zone Zero Trailers

The trailer for Zenless Zone Zero came out on May 13, 2022. The news came from the official preview website for the game, which at first had a countdown timer and a short audio recording.

In the trailer, players get a look at New Eridu, which is the last place where people can live because of the “Hollow” disaster. These are the streets of the future where you can see some Zenless Zone Zero figures fighting strange monsters.

A second trailer showed even more about the game, including more information about combat and the ARPG parts of the game.

There was finally some news about Zenless Zone Zero at Gamescom, after being quiet for almost a year. There was a new gameplay video. Fans are glad that the game has been shown and that it will probably be out soon, even though there isn’t a set date or even a window for when it will be out.

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