Crunchyroll Unveils U.S. Theatrical Premiere For ‘SPY x FAMILY CODE: White’ Anime Film

Crunchyroll has announced that it has bought the rights to show the movie SPY x FAMILY CODE: White in theaters in North America.

Based on Tatsuya Endo’s famous manga, SPY x FAMILY CODE: White is the first movie project. The manga was later turned into an instant fan favorite TV anime. Through a deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment, Crunchyroll also has some world theater rights for the movie. This means that it can be shown in some European countries as well as Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand.

Officially, the movie’s plot says this:

The movie, like the TV series SPY x FAMILY, is made by TOHO, and the animation is done by WIT STUDIO and Cloverworks. The cartoon movie’s first showing will be in Japan on December 22, and in the U.S. and other places in 2024.

Watch the official trailer for SPY x FAMILY CODE: White above.

It’s being said that a low-budget Barbenheimer movie is being made.

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