Power Players: The 7 Strongest Warriors In Onimusha, According To Netflix

Onimusha is Netflix’s most recent attempt to make an anime out of a video game. So far, most of their games have done well. This year, they had Castlevania: Nocturne and Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix, and in the past, they had Arcane and Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. Now, unlike the other cases, it’s been a while since the Onimusha franchise was talked about in terms of games, so let’s review.

When it first came out in 2001 on PS2, the game was like Resident Evil for samurai men. The last major game came out in 2006, and other than mobile spinoffs and a remaster of the original in 2019, Capcom hasn’t done anything with it. That’s how the game series starts. What’s the plot of the Netflix show Onimusha? Also, which characters in this cartoon about samurai vs. demons are the strongest? Let’s start and find out, but be warned that there will be full spoilers ahead.

Miyamoto Musashi: Japan’s Greatest Samurai

People in Japan think that Miyamoto Musashi was one of their best warriors. People from history are often used in amazing ways in the Onimusha stories. In the games, Oda Nobunaga and other characters play the main role. Musashi does not. That’s why it made sense for Musashi to be in the cartoon. It also makes sense that the main character would be the best in the anime.

He shows how strong he is before he even gets the Oni Gauntlet from Kaizen’s temple. To get what he wants, he fights the monks without any weapons. He also cuts up zombies like butter. He gets even stronger when the Oni Gauntlet’s powers are unlocked. Like Kojiro, no one knows if he will make it through the final fight. That might get explained in the second season if it comes out on Netflix.

Miyamoto Musashi

The Yoshiokas: Three Demon Brothers

Most of the fighters that Musashi fights in Onimusha are old enemies of his. The three brothers in The Yoshiokas are the best example of this. Later, three sisters are added, but they’re mostly there to make the story funnier. The Yoshiokas gave their bodies to the devils and were given great power, just like Gensai.

Right now, the three boys look like Hulks instead of people. They killed Goromaru, one of the fighters, and one of his pet birds. Additionally, it is they who trap Sayo under the bell described earlier, which results in her death. Even though they are strong, Musashi beat them when he used the Oni Gauntlet’s full power.

The Yoshioka

Sasaki Kojiro: Musashi’s Greatest Rival

In the history of Japan, Sasaki Kojiro was Miyamoto Musashi’s biggest foe. However, he wasn’t a demon like he is in the Onimusha cartoon, which should be clear to everyone. He also has a great entry because he kills Iemon right away without giving it a second thought.

Iemon brought Kojiro back to life so that he could fight Musashi. But Kojiro’s spirit was too strong, so he gave up on the idea of adding him to his army of demons. No, Kojiro doesn’t want to take over other lands. He just wants to be the best warrior in Japan. It’s not clear if Kojiro makes it through the fight in the last show, but he is very powerful even if he doesn’t.

Sasaki Kojiro

Kaizen: The Warrior Monk

Musashi has told Kaizen, a warrior monk, to go on the trip with him to keep the “package” safe. Fans of the Onimusha games know all about this item, which is the Oni Gauntlet. In the games, players kill monsters and take their souls. These souls can then be used to level up different upgrades, just like in an RPG.

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Going back to Kaizen, he may look like a humble monk, but he proves his strength many times in fight against zombie soldiers. In episode four, he gives up his body to save Sayo, which shows how strong he is as a fighter. Even though his body is on fire, he is able to free Sayo from the bell and die a brave death.


Gensai: The Toad Samurai

The group meets Gensai for the first time in the cartoon. He was actually a traitor and always loyal to Iemon, just like his teacher Matsuki Kensuke. But Gensai, unlike Kensuke, gave his body to the Genma demons, which made him like a toad.

He seemed to have a better view because his eyes were bulging out of his head. Furthermore, he has a mouth that looks like a whip that he uses to hit his enemies. He fights longer than Kensuke and causes some trouble for Musashi in the first episode. But Musashi does cut him down in the end.


Sahei: The Devious Samurai

He is one of the samurai who is the quietest. He’s calm and controlled, but he’s not afraid to fight. He is the best at killing zombies. His big strength is his book smarts, which he uses to figure out how to get out of tough spots.

He is quiet at first, but when he poisons Iemon in the last episode, he shows what he’s really like. He was sent to keep the gold mines a secret from the rest of the group as a spy. As a good person, he chose not to kill Sayo even though he could have. Things were kept tense in the anime just for drama’s sake.


Sayo: The Guide Cook

The youngest person the group meets in the first season is Sayo. She was left without a parent and is the only person left in her town after Iemon turned it over to demons. Sayo doesn’t fight in Onimusha, but she shows how strong she is in other ways.


She knows how to lead the group through valleys and woods and helps Musashi and the others. She’s also a great cook; she can grill rabbit or make Kaizen a plant-based meal. She is also a good thief, as shown in the last episode when she steals some gold from the mines and seems to be getting ready for the good life.

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