Netflix Reassures Fans: Devil May Cry Anime Is on the Way

In October 2018, famous American film director Adi Shankar made gamers and anime fans very excited by implying that a Devil May Cry anime might be in the works.

After a month, it was officially announced that Shankar, who is known for his work on the highly regarded Castlevania series, would be turning the famous video game into an anime series for Netflix. This made everyone even more excited.

But details about the project stayed a secret for a few years, leaving fans eagerly waiting for any news.

Alex Larson was named as a writer and development partner for the Devil May Cry anime in October 2021. This was a big change. Fans got excited about the news, which meant that work on the series was moving forward.

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry anime update at Netflix’s Geeked Week in 2023

Fans got another look at what looks like it will be a devilishly good version of the popular video game during Netflix’s Geeked Week 2023.

Fans want to know more about the new Devil May Cry anime because of the event that revealed different parts of it.

Shikar is in charge of this project. This is his return to Netflix after the success of Castlevania.

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With the help of the well-known South Korean animation company company Mir and his own animation studio, Shankar Animation, the action-packed game Devil May Cry will come to life on TV.

This wasn’t just another cartoon show that we wanted to make. My objective is to create one of the premium Netflix shows of all time. At any rate,” Shankar said during Geeked Week.

In 2024, Netflix will start showing the Devil May Cry cartoon. You can watch the full featurette here.

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