The last Z-Fighter You’d Think Would Be Dragon Ball GT’s Best Hero

Dragon Ball GT is a direct sequel to Dragon Ball Z and features all the heroes from the first show, with extra attention paid to Goku and Trunks in the earlier episodes. However, none of the Z-Fighters from Dragon Ball qualify as GT’s greatest hero. There is a newcomer who saves lives and proves that he’s the best among them, and fans would not expect him to be one of them.

Dragon Ball GT picks up five years after Dragon Ball Z’s ten-year time jump. In the first few minutes of the first episode, Emperor Pilaf asks for Goku to turn into a child with the Black Star Dragon Balls, which is a strange change.

At the end of the episode, it is revealed that the Black Star Dragon Balls are spread out across the universe whenever a wish is granted, whether on purpose or by mistake. The Earth will be destroyed if they aren’t collected and brought back within a year. Going through space in a ship with Trunks and Pan, Goku sets out to find these Dragon Balls and save the world.

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Gill, not Goku or Trunks, Is The Greatest Hero In Dragon Ball GT

As Goku and his friends move through space, they meet many strange people, both friends and foes, such as a little robot named Gill. Gill is a small, round robot that ate the Dragon Radar early in the series and then merged with it to become the Z-Fighters’ Dragon Radar. It looked like adding Gill was a way for the showrunners to make the Dragon Radar a real character in the universe’s lore, but Gill turned out to be a lot more than just a personality for the Dragon Radar.

Pan, Gill, Trunks, and Goku land on a desert planet in Dragon Ball GT season 1, episode 15. Gill tells them that there is a Black Star Dragon Ball on this world. When they get there, their ship starts to break down. Goku and Trunks fix it without giving Pan any work to do, which makes her feel like she is an important part of the team. That’s why Pan goes off to find the Dragon Ball by herself. But she quickly passes out from being too hot and falls down in the middle of nowhere. To make things even worse, giant sandworms live under the ocean of sand on this world. Since Pan has no defenses at this point, the worms are going after him, and Gill is the one who saves her.

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Pan goes missing on this world, but Gill finds her before Goku and Trunks even know she’s gone. When he does, he fights one of the sandworms and saves Pan’s life. Earlier in the episode, Goku fights a sandworm and has a hard time beating it. If Gill can beat an enemy that Goku had a hard time with, it’s clear that Gill is very strong. But what really makes Gill a hero is that he risked his life to save Pan, even though she had been mean and abusive to him since he joined the team (something Pan even says while Gill is saving her). On top of everything else, Gill finds the Dragon Ball they’re looking for on this planet. He saves Pan, kills a powerful enemy, and completes their goal to save the Earth without even breaking a sweat.

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