Ultimate Anime Crossover Defense Tier List May 2024: Best Units Ranked and Explained

A well-known tower defence game called “Anime Crossover Defence” has characters from numerous anime series and other media. To be successful, one must understand which units function the best. This is the most recent tier list compiled from several sources:

These units are exceptionally powerful and often indispensable for top-tier team compositions.

Modoro (Madara)

  • Origin: Naruto
  • Strengths: High damage and area-of-effect (AOE) attacks make Modoro a formidable unit for clearing waves of enemies efficiently. His abilities can significantly impact the battlefield, making him a top choice for most team setups​ (GosuGamers India)​​ (Charlie INTEL)​.

Broccoli (Broly)

  • Origin: Dragon Ball
  • Strengths: Known for his excellent range and massive damage output, Broccoli can handle large numbers of enemies. His attacks are both powerful and wide-reaching, making him crucial for both offense and defense​ (GosuGamers India)​​ (Charlie INTEL)​.

Rengogo (Rengoku)

  • Origin: Demon Slayer
  • Strengths: Initially not the strongest, but once fully upgraded, Rengogo becomes one of the most powerful units due to his high damage and fire-based attacks, which can decimate enemy forces​ (Gamezebo)​​ (Charlie INTEL)​.

Butterfly (Shinobu)

  • Origin: Demon Slayer
  • Strengths: Excellent support unit with healing capabilities, Butterfly can sustain your team during tough battles. Her ability to heal and support other units makes her invaluable, especially in prolonged fights​ (Gamezebo)​​ (Charlie INTEL)​

White Moustache (Whitebeard)

  • Origin: One Piece
  • Strengths: High durability and significant damage make White Moustache a strong tank and damage dealer. His mythic rarity adds to his powerful stats and abilities​ (GosuGamers India)​​ (Charlie INTEL)​.

Time Maid (Sakuya)

  • Origin: Touhou Project
  • Strengths: Versatile with strong utility, Time Maid can manipulate time, offering strategic advantages in battles. Her skills make her flexible and effective in various situations​ (GosuGamers India)​​ (Gamezebo)​.

Boulmi (Bulma)

  • Origin: Dragon Ball
  • Strengths: Excellent support unit that generates resources, Boulmi helps in maintaining a steady flow of upgrades and other enhancements. Her resource management capabilities make her essential for long-term strategies​ (Gamezebo)​​ (Charlie INTEL)​.

Bob (Steve)

  • Origin: Minecraft
  • Strengths: Balanced stats with a good mix of offense and defense. Bob’s legendary rarity ensures he has robust abilities, making him a reliable unit for various roles in your team​ (Gamezebo)​.

A-Tier Units

Strong units that complement S-Tier units well, though slightly less impactful.

Byakari (Byakuya)

  • Origin: Bleach
  • Strengths: High attack speed and damage make Byakari a valuable offensive unit. He’s great for dealing with tough enemies quickly​ (Gamezebo)​.

Curly Brows (Sanji)

  • Origin: One Piece
  • Strengths: Effective melee unit with good single-target damage. Curly Brows can take down strong enemies with his powerful kicks​ (GosuGamers India)​.

Dark Invader (Darth Vader)

  • Origin: Star Wars
  • Strengths: Strong in both offense and defense with abilities that can control the battlefield, Dark Invader is versatile and powerful​ (Gamezebo)​.

Blossom (Sakura)

  • Origin: Naruto
  • Strengths: Provides good support and healing, making her a valuable addition to keep the team alive during battles​ (GosuGamers India)​.

Cat Burglar (Nami)

  • Origin: One Piece
  • Strengths: Offers strategic advantages with her ability to control the flow of battle. Nami’s skills can disrupt enemies and provide support to allies​ (GosuGamers India)​.

B-Tier Units

These units are decent but may need upgrades to remain effective in later stages.

Eric (Eren)

  • Origin: Attack on Titan
  • Strengths: Strong early game unit with good offensive capabilities. Eric is useful for initial stages but may need upgrades for later levels​ (Gamezebo)​.

Deo (DIO)

  • Origin: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
  • Strengths: Good damage output and utility. Deo can control time, providing strategic advantages in battle​ (Gamezebo)​.

Henry (Harry Potter)

  • Origin: Harry Potter
  • Strengths: Versatile with both offensive and defensive spells, making him useful in various situations​ (GosuGamers India)​.

Carrot (Goku)

  • Origin: Dragon Ball
  • Strengths: Good for clearing initial levels with powerful energy attacks. Carrot is strong early on but may need support in higher stages​ (Gamezebo)​.

Mosshead (Zoro)

  • Origin: One Piece
  • Strengths: Strong melee unit with high single-target damage. Mosshead is reliable for taking down tough enemies quickly​ (GosuGamers India)​.

C-Tier Units

Average units that might struggle in higher levels and require significant upgrades.

Ichytoe (Ichigo)

  • Origin: Bleach
  • Strengths: Decent offensive capabilities but lacks the power of higher-tier units. Useful in early stages​ (GosuGamers India)​.

Joe (Jotaro)

  • Origin: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
  • Strengths: Good balance of offense and defense but may not excel in either. Requires upgrades to stay competitive​ (GosuGamers India)​.

Sneaky Clone (Boba Fett)

  • Origin: Star Wars
  • Strengths: Provides utility with stealth and ranged attacks. Useful for specific strategies but not as powerful overall​ (Gamezebo)​.

D-Tier Units

These units are the weakest and generally not recommended for serious gameplay.

Nirito (Naruto)

  • Origin: Naruto
  • Strengths: Limited effectiveness and low overall impact. Best avoided if possible​ (GosuGamers India)​.

Peaceful Jedi (Luke Skywalker)

  • Origin: Star Wars
  • Strengths: Weak in battles and offers minimal strategic advantage. Better units are available for most roles​ (Gamezebo)​.

Best Team Composition

For optimal performance, mix S and A-Tier units:

  • Early Game: Mosshead, Ichytoe, Carrot
  • Mid Game: Curly Brows, Time Maid, Joe, Dark Invader
  • End Game: Modoro, Broccoli, Rengogo, Butterfly, Boulmi, Dark Invader, Byakari
    This setup ensures a balance of offense, defense, and support throughout different stages of the game.

By focusing on these top-tier units, players can maximize their chances of success in “Anime Crossover Defense.

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