A Racing Anime Breaks Tradition With An Exciting Twist!

Overtake! is a brand-new anime streaming on Crunchyroll. Its sixth episode has creative writing that shows how unpredictable the anime can be, even though sports anime tend to follow certain patterns. The anime was able to completely surprise viewers while still giving them important character development by using the episode’s main race as a source of conflict. There are a lot of plot turns left in the show’s second half, which is a good sign.

Episode 6 of Overtake! shows that the writers are aware of genre tropes and know how to avoid them. The anime is about an underdog race team. The fight between Madoka and Haruka could have led to a normal racing scene, but what happens next is more interesting in the end. With plot turns like these, Overtake! has more than enough to keep you interested until the end.

Haruka’s Character Development Takes Center Stage in His Race, Focusing on Building, Not Rewarding: Created By Troyca

The episode seems to show that both Haruka and Madoka are at the top of their game. Haruka gets a great starting place in the next race, which could very well put him on the winner’s podium for good. But their faith is put to the test when it starts to rain on the tracks, the same weather that killed Haruka’s father in a previous race. All of the race teams have to decide whether to keep using slippery tires and hope the weather gets better, or switch to rain tires even if they don’t work as well on dry roads. Should Komaki Motors be careful or take a chance?

Thrilling Racing Anime

Haruka’s speech is very moving because he says that his father’s death is its own thing and that he is sure of himself and his skills, so he should be able to handle the rain on slippery tires. In most stories, this is where the loser turns things around, as the main character faces his father’s ghost and his mistakes. Instead, Madoka turns this recipe on its head by telling them about his own experience: it’s not worth it to feel bad about your mistakes, and the photographer begs them to use rain tires. Not being sure of herself is a slap in the face for Haruka.

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That being said, the story eventually supports Madoka: despite Haruka’s boasting, the storm gets worse, and the driver gives up on the race that he might have won on a sunny day. It’s a surprise but well-thought-out choice to show Haruka’s growing maturity instead of just his athletic rise to the top. In this way, Overtake!’s stories have bigger goals than just winning prizes. The show wants its characters to grow and change. Overtake doesn’t seem like it’s going to settle for anything normal with six episodes left.

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